Koc Museum


Koc Museum is the first one in Turkey dedicated to transport, industry and communications containing the foremost examples of industrial archeology. The museum contains thousands of industrial exhibits from gramophone needles to ships and planes.















The building of this museum was first constructed during the 12th century during the time of Byzantine Empire. Then during Ottoman times, it was used as an alcohol warehouse by state tobacco factory for centuries. Then as a result of big fire, the external surface of the building was largely damaged. After this, one of the most important entrepreneurs Mr. Rahmi Koc purchased the building. Following 2.5 years of restoration, it was opened to the public as a museum reflecting the history and developments of industry.

Especially motor vehicles and various kinds of transportation means are displayed very nicely.

The “Erdogan Gonul Gallery” the museum’s main meeting hall can accommodate 500 seated guests. All or some of the vintage cars exhibited in the gallery can be removed according to client’s requirements.