Delicacies of Istanbul


Namli Gida

Namli Gida, opened in 1929, is one of the most famous “charcuterie” shops in Istanbul. They offer the richest variety of cheese, olives, vegetables cooked in olive oil, pastries, smoked meat, pastrami, sweets, breads, cakes, cookies, dried fruits and vegetables.

Located at the centre of Istanbul, at Karakoy district, offering colorful and “tempting” display of their products.

Koska Helva

“Koska Helvacısı” was founded in 1907 and today it is one of the most famous brands in the traditional art of TURKISH sweets.
The KOSKA products are also exported all over the world.

Goods are produced in modern factories, using latest state of the art systems from the food industry. The secret of Koska's success lies in the application of modern technology to the traditional art of Turkish sweets.

In their famous shop at Karakoy district, the guests will have the chance to enjoy famous products of Koska such as; Halva, Halva with Tahini (crushed sesame seeds), Crocan, Turkish Delight, Grape Syrup, Confectionary, Honey and Jam, Pastry and Baked Products.

Baklavaci Gulluoglu

Baklavaci Gulluoglu is famous for the traditional Turkish dessert; the delicious Baklava.

Gulluoglu is a business ran by a family from Gaziantep, starting from 1871 until today, for 5 generations.

Great grandfather and the founder of Baklavaci Gulluoglu, Gullu Chelebi introduced Baklava to the common people. Before that Baklava was a dessert that is only consumed in the Ottoman Palace and the common people did not know this dessert existed.

For more than 140 years of knowledge, experience, passion for the job and daintiness are passed from father to the son.