We start our show with 3 musicians placed at certain spots in the shopping mall stage. People will think that it is a part of the mall music. 2 of these musicians at the same time start dancing to this “lunch” music. Remaining of the musicians slowly start moving with the rhythm. As the tempo increases, music slowly starts switching into Latin music.

This is when the group start gathering in the stage and couple of them start dancing to the Latin music; even the musician starts dancing. Then a mixed choreography of Latin and pop music is performed by 10 dancers with the participation of the group.

At the end of this special choreography, music starts switching into Anatolian folk dances; Kafkas and Black Sea region. Very basic dance figures will be taught to the group prior to the flashmob at the rehearsal. To those who do not wish to dance but just participate to the beat, we can provide instruments such as tef (tambourine), darbuka (tomtom) and maracas prior to the show.

The flashmob ends with an enthusiastic dance beat.

The rehearsal and the actual show is summarized on this video


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