UNV/24 – Mysterious Cappadocia

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Multi- level Underground City of Kaymakli, is one of the largest underground cities in Cappadocia with eight stories. In the area there are 36 underground cities and the original establishment is not known. Some dated back to Hittites (5C BC) and some as late as 6th C AD.

These underground cities were used by early Christians escaping from persecution until 7th century. These underground cities cannot be noticed from the ground level. They carved  air shafts  as  deep  as 85  meters  into  the rock and then  made  holes  laterally at different levels in all directions. They hewed an elaborate system of the surface. They dug dwellings, bathrooms, kitchens, dinning-halls, storage rooms, wine cellars, chapels, graves and suchlike. Entrances at the surface level were also camouflaged.

Underground City of Kaymakli covers an area of approximately 4 meter-square

Soğanlı Valley and Sinasos (Mustafapaşa) Village are the following stops.

Former name of Mustafapaşa during the Ottoman Empire era was Sinasos. It had a mixed population. Greeks and Karamanlides (Turkish speaking Christians) constituted the majority of the population and Muslim Turks constituted the rest. Although situated far from the seas Sinasiotes (Greeks from Sinasos) who temporarily migrated to İstanbul, were known to be the traders of seafood and especially caviare. Then visit Taskinpasa Village to see the ancient ruins of stonemasonry from mid 14th century.

Keslik Monastery dates from 7th century to 13th century. It houses 14 man made churches that are carved into rocks. You can see the frescoes on ceilings and walls, depicting stories from the Bible.


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