Art of Weaving

Drive to the Grand Bazaar, to a carpet weaving center. The guests will be first invited to the silk center where they watch the master lady weaving silk carpet. Guests will also have chance to try to weave on their own

Then, there will be a demonstration of an interesting imaginary tour about Anatolia (the Asian side of Turkey) during which the experts giving their lectures on Turkish handmade
carpets. Guests will have chance to see a display of various magnificent handmade rugs carpets all with different character.
There is also a shopping opportunity where top quality and certified carpets will be sold.

During the lecture, soft drinks (including famous Turkish apple tea or Turkish coffee) and sandwiches will be served.     

Operates on: Thursday, Apr 27
Duration: 13:00 – 18:00
Price: 20 Euro per person
Minimum number of guests: 10